01 Oct 2021

Peris Digital Services trusts Amazon Web Services

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Peris Digital Services trusts Amazon Web Services to offer their digital clothing proposal to the audiovisual industry.

Peris Digital Services (PDS), a subsidiary of Peris Costumes group, has selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the preferred cloud computing provider to optimize their digital clothing processes flow so that their customers can get a quicker turn-around time to access PDS digital services.

Peris Digital Services is a newborn company (June 2021) with the goal to contribute to the audiovisual industry transforming the way of using the clothing of actors and actresses; being in a motion film, a series, a commercial or a videogame character.

The main objective of PDS is to produce digital assets of any kind of clothing used in the audiovisual industry, especially in virtual productions, which is the current trend towards this market is going forward.

“Our workflow processes to obtain digital clothing used in motion films require a huge computing capacity and enormous flexibility in the usage of the technological infrastructures.” Jesús Luque Muriel, CTO in PDS explains. “The flexible offering of the different AWS instances and the adaptability to our needs made us choose AWS solution”, the executive continues.


“Thanks to the AWS cloud services, Peris Digital Services will be able to work simultaneously and with a decentralized way in all their processes, keeping costs controlled at all times”, Jesús Luque added.

In the near future, during the growth phase of Peris Digital Services, new AWS additional services will be added to the workflow, such as AI and Machine Learning, which will significantly strengthen the process and delivery speed of the assets to the customers.