11 Oct 2021

Welcome To The Desert Of The Real

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My name is Jesús Luque, I’ve worked on many films in postproduction. I’ve been in this industry for 20 years, I’ve seen it evolve wildly, from Silicon Graphics, Alias Power|Animator and Softimage to Chalice & Shake by NothingReal then Apple and now Virtual Production with Unreal Engine. Now as CTO of Peris Digital we have set out to revolutionize the way we make 3D clothing, marketplaces and in general the production process not only in film and series but also in the world of video games.

I have always had a technical profile, not so artistic and in general my struggle has been with reality, to make a model, a plan, a car… real. Deeply real.

Initially we cheated the reality with tricks, combining layers in postproduction, later the renders appeared with radiosity and the unification of the shaders to only one; much easier.

NVIDIA surprised us with the RTX cards and in general the whole Omniverse development.

But everything changes, Quixel was the developer of Unreal quality photogrammetry and broke the market by making it free for UE users, already free for media creation.

And from that point, Peris Costumes (with 165 years of life) leader in the rental of clothing for advertising, film and theater series driven by its CEO Javier Toledo decides that it is time to evolve with the market.

An incredible team of professionals joined the project with the aim of doing what no one has considered so far. Make digital clothing on-demand, in a marketplace. We start from 7.5 million garments, plus accessories, weapons, chainmail helmets… a real madness that makes us feel like children and remember the illusion of transporting us to any historical era, it’s a tingle in the spine.

Thanks to the collaboration with Sony and NVIDIA we have been able to develop one of the most ambitious rigs, for flexibility, for lighting control, for definition and quality of its optics and cameras.

We have millions of items to scan, choose what your production needs and we will have it ready with the highest quality.

There is nothing more real than reality. Welcome To The Desert Of The Real

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