Peris Digital Services is a company born in 2021 with the aim of simplifying and improving the audiovisual industry with new capabilities, () enabling production
designers, VFX artists and costume designers to create new worlds and free their imagination.
Our main line of business is to produce state-of-the-art digital clothing assets for virtual productions, including films, series, TV, advertising, videogames and other industries.
Our main activity is to offer the rental of state-of-the-art and extreme-quality digital clothing assets, prepared for dynamics and generated through photogrammetry, to be used for virtual productions, films, series, TV, advertising, videogames and other industries.
The Keys

Transformation of the film industry

The convergence of real and virtual worlds affects to all the components of the production cycle, from the development of the story to the final product for the viewer, user or gamer, including the costume design.

High-quality for customers

The demands of today’s audience for the quality of all the aspects of the audiovisual content is extremely high. For this reason, conventional 3D traditional techniques are not longer valid, specially for the costume design.

Innovation to succeed

It’s time to do things differently. We use photogrammetry in all our productions of digital clothing to provide customers with the highest quality available today and unleash their creativity to focus on their mission.

What Is
Photogrammetry is a technique by which, from an image generated with multiple cameras and in different angles, we can produce a 3D model with the geometries, textures and materials of an object, being a garment, a prop or a set decoration item. At Peris Digital Services, we have a photogrammetry rig built with 144 Sony α7C & α7RIV cameras to quickly scan any garment, accessory, prop or set decoration object and generate a 3D model ready to use in postproduction works.

Image Capture & Preview

This is where we shoot all the cameras and synchronize the material with the computer equipment.

Raw Geometry

Raw Geometry Process: we proceed with the geometry processing through the images obtained. A special software will build a first raw model in 3D.

Remesh & UV's

Remesh: The geometrical models are simplified for a better work in later phases.
Textures Maps (UV’s): As the original captured texture should be projected to the 3D model, we must tell the software how to execute this texture transfer.

Export Final Mesh

We generate through masks and other techniques a segmentation of the different types of materials to get the final aspect of the garment.

After that, renders are generated as thumbnails for catalogue purposes and exported to the file format needed by the customer.

of Photogrammetry

Cost Reduction

Decrease of the rental costs of physical garments.Less trips and time costs of costume designers and their teams for the physical selection of garments.


Current situation makes physical productions difficult to execute as usual. Digital clothing allows the continuation of the production flow.


Maximum level of detail in 3D garments exactly as the original pieces, without compromising the final production at all.

Speed & Flexibility

Modelling is not required. Just rig the garment to a character and you can animate it as you want. Online changes of textures and materials Garments can be manipulated. You adapt the garment according to your needs.


Usage in a variety of scenarios, depending on production needs. Garments can have an animated usage – both traditional animation or motion capture – or can be used with crowd software.


Acceleration of postproduction times. Immediate and remote availability of garments, accessories and props. Quick access to a catalogue with no stock shortage.

Why work with...
Peris Digital Services?
There’s no other company like Peris Digital Services with the amount and variety of 3D digital garments and accessories. Postproduction companies are starting to incorporate the use of photogrammetry in their pipelines for character animation and Peris Digital Services provides everything necessary to digitally dress to the characters. The use of the Peris Standard Workflow guarantees maximum quality and agility to deliver the digital models. We are proud to have a specific and expert team in cleaning and segmentation, which is key in the digital costumes production process. Peris Digital Services garments are 100% done through photogrammetry not CGI The extreme quality of the Peris Digital Services assets allows to use them even with forefront characters.


Our expertise and innovation set a new standard in the audiovisual industry. Costumes Designers, Producers and VFX artists talk about us and our services.

“It’s simply impossible to imitate fabric in purely CGI. Photogrammetry is the solution to capture and process 3D digital clothing in the right way.”