The best photogrammetric equipment in Europe.

It has been almost three years since we started building one of the best photogrammetric equipment in Europe.

It was the first time that Sony cameras were used to build a professional photogrammetric capture system. In fact, Sony certified our RIG and the way we managed to link all the captures through the cameras’ own SDK, making Peris Digital an example of success within SONY products.

NVIDIA has been another important partner in the development of the capture system.

Thanks to these microcomputers, we can download in an organized way all the images in less than 1 minute, which allows us to speed up considerably and generate an optimized and fast workflow.

Millions of polygons that capture even the smallest details of the models. Albedo textures that are achieved by DMX lighting controlled from light panels and cross polarized cameras, allowing us to get the perfect shots that are transformed into perfect models.

HBO, Amazon prime, Netflix, etc., have trusted us to make digital doubles of protagonists and extras, to compose their shots with our digitized models.

Although some monkey, dog or real eagle has sneaked into the scans.

Animals are more photogenic and pay more attention than the actors…. all kind of animals are welcome!!!!!

By Raul Maqueda head of photogrammetry